The Hydrographic Survey Boat or ( Higgs Survey Launch HSL) can carry a wide variety of payloads including single beam sonar, bathymetric sonar,
side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, and multibeam sonar.

Heading GNSS can be placed 2 meters apart with an INS motion sensor on the same mount.


The ZEGO Boat offers a stable platform for hydrographic surveying, dredging, research or fishing, and hunting.

It’s the perfect one-man hydrographic survey boat offering you the most flexibility of any small watercraft for all of your needs.  

The outboard motor typically produces enough power to run all your equipment such as multibeam sonar, side-scan sonar

, bathy sonar, RTK GPS, INS, and Survey computer.

 We recommend any of the Japanese motors.  

 Currently, we are selling our custom boats with Suzuki.

Mounting brackets


Several mounting brackets are available.


Computer mount for waterproof computer


GPS mount and more 


Deck for sonar mount 

ZEGO Sports boats Bimini
Bimini tops for fishing and work
Railing options for ZEGO 
Fishing rod Holders and gear
Bimini for ZEGO
Hydrographic Survey Launch
Mounting platform for all you equiment .
GPS , radios ,survey computer ,  
Single beam mulitbeam , sidescan ,
Current meters and more
Add an optional


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